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  LNA   NFmeter  Power meter  Power supply  BPF  Dummy

 HPA144Mhz  1x  4X150A (400W)  2x 4CX250R  (1KW)   (mini size2x4CX250B(500W)       1X  GU74B(1.8KW) , 2x GU74B  (3KW)    GU84B (3.5KW)  GI46B(500W)

HPA 50Mhz GS35B=1.7KW

Tube     Cable problem                                                        

All my144Mhz ANT(1988~2000) (I changed 4times)

My Antenna for EME now (144Mhz)  2000/9~

 144MHz  CD213+6el(H)(11.4m) X4  & 12el (V)(7m) X4


I replaced 4X12el (V) on 10th July 2000

Data of 19el(H)

Blu18-datanote.jpg (70463 バイト)   

Most of all idea for this Antenna(19el) form  Yoshifumi JH0ISW,Many thanks 

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