Bodaiji yama hike 

We have very nice small hill close to our house , it's Bodaijiyama.  
Angela goes there with Chibi (our dog) lots in the early morning.

View from the top of this hill is best for Gosen-city, especially beginning 
of May and middle of September  , it's just like painting on rice field.
And of course we can see our shop and class room. There are two 
big River Agano and Hayade through
Gosen city and they are just like a 
blood vessel  as a life of Gosen's farming ,
knitting industry, to keep our 
peaceful country town.

On 15th Sep 2002 we Angela,Chris,Pat,Clarine,Echo,Poyee,Ooe,Junko,
me Masato climbed to this hill in the early morning. It was raining but 
we started hiking, weather changed into very good and so it became 
very nice autumn Sunday. Thanks all and let's go sometime again.


参加者 アンジェラ、クリス、パト、カリン、エコー、ポイー、大江さん、Junko、

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