I went to Canada this summer holyday from 20th Aug till 27th. I enjoyed lots of new things , only 7 days but I felt  like more then one month . I've got a lot of love from all of my family. Thanks all !!



Here are some of pictures that I got in this trip.

all family.JPG (51063 バイト) all2.JPG (45441 バイト) ang's spot.JPG (70386 バイト) our parents house.JPG (58572 バイト) peter&hiedi's house.JPG (42386 バイト)

peter's house from back.JPG (46479 バイト) peter&hiedi.JPG (52589 バイト) three kids.JPG (76698 バイト) brin6taner.JPG (51142 バイト) jerry's shop.JPG (40619 バイト)

Jerry's shop2.JPG (55694 バイト) lunch at farmer's market.JPG (66104 バイト) going with boart.JPG (47378 バイト) chiro.JPG (54330 バイト) lunch at famas hamberger shop.JPG (75342 バイト)

lake site.JPG (66994 バイト) lake.JPG (52745 バイト) hit.JPG (31094 バイト) got it.JPG (51295 バイト) cooking fish.JPG (54992 バイト)

lunch at lake.JPG (59759 バイト) eating fish at lake side.JPG (55570 バイト) sun set in lake.JPG (26297 バイト) gloria's house.JPG (56006 バイト) glider2.JPG (56698 バイト)

tou.JPG (27588 バイト) glider.JPG (43209 バイト) andoia.JPG (55025 バイト) party at poor side.JPG (71518 バイト) ken'shouse.JPG (54654 バイト)

kanuing at ken's back pond.JPG (68404 バイト) ken's house2.JPG (51399 バイト)

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