On 13th Aug 2002, we went to Norikura-Dake (nagano pre.)

Thanks to join this crazy drive and climbing mountain(3026m)  for far away (270Km) in one day trip.

Hiroko, Naoko, Pat, Clarine, Echo, Ricky,Fujiko and me Masato enjoyed pretty nice 
weather and shooting stars in a middle of night. 
I counted more than 80 beautiful meteors in two hours.

2.jpg (53736 バイト)3.jpg (77963 バイト)4.jpg (43246 バイト)5.jpg (47941 バイト)5let's go.jpg (114726 バイト)6.jpg (58543 バイト)
7.jpg (64083 バイト)8.jpg (46502 バイト)9.jpg (77143 バイト)11.jpg (55080 バイト)12.jpg (59443 バイト)
16.jpg (62382 バイト)14top.jpg (43365 バイト)17.jpg (81211 バイト)19.jpg (76536 バイト) rock18.jpg (91203 バイト)

Thanks all!!  please join this year (2003) again

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